Java Ultima Online Server

This is a Java-based UO server.


These are the motivations that pushed me to start this project:

  • I'm a big UO fan
  • I like Java
  • I'm interested in building a new system from scratch, mainly because I work with Java EE and I don't have the chance to experiment the "whole stack" very often - from TCP/IP to the higher levels.


The goals of the project are as follows:

  • Light UO engine - the project must enable people to implement a very few classes or set a very few parameters in a configuration file and to be provided with a basic UO engine who lets them do the basic stuff: damage, spells and so on.
  • Modularity - users must be able to do this without anything they don't need being packaged in.
  • Extensibility - users must be able to add plugin scripts that add features to the server.


These are the main contents of this site:

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